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Family Law refers to all matters addressed in Family Court. The Family Court's in Suffolk and Nassau County have jurisdiction over: Custody Cases; Child Support and Paternity  Proceedings; Child Protective (CPS) Neglect Proceedings; Orders of Protection; Juvenile Delinquency Proceeding;  P.I.N.S. Proceedings and Adoptions. The Suffolk County Family Court is located in Central Islip and Riverhead, just 15 and 20 minutes from The Law Office of Robert G. Venturo.  Nassau County’s family court is in nearby Westbury, approximately 35 minutes away.  Our attorneys regularly handle Long Island family law matters in each of these locations, where we are well-regarded and respected by our colleagues and clients.

Child support

When a parent, whether a father or mother, have no domestic relationship with the custodial parent of their child, they are required by law to pay child support. New York State adopts the Child Support Standards Act (C.S.S.A.) which provides child support guidelines, though parents may agree to deviate from them. Our lawyers can help you negotiate an appropriate amount of child support. We will also aggressively pursue and prosecute cases against "deadbeat" parents who are delinquent or simply refuse to pay their child support obligation pursuant to court order. In many of these cases, our Law Firm has sucessfully recovered legal fees when a parent willfully violates an Order of Child Support.


A father who is not married to his child’s mother has no parental rights or responsibilities unless paternity is legally established. Our attorneys assist:

  • Fathers who want to establish paternity and assert their custody rights
  • Mothers who must prove paternity to request a child support order

A willing father may sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity, or an unwilling father may be compelled to accept an Order of Filiations after undergoing a genetic marker (DNA) test to determine if he is the biological father of the child.

Juvenile delinquency

Crimes committed by children ages eight to 15 are handled and prosecuted in the family court. The process is similar to adult criminal court, but with different terminology that avoids terms such as “crime” and “defendant.” Still, juvenile delinquency (JD) proceedings can have major consequences, including incarceration. Our lawyers help keep your child out of confinement, and in serious cases we fight to keep the charges from being moved to adult criminal court. Very often these cases proceed to trial. Our office has substantial trial experience in JD proceedings and has been successful in having cases dismissed against some of these children.

Order enforcement and modification

Family court orders are not monitored for compliance, and changes cannot be made without permission of the court. Our attorneys can help you:

  • Enforce a court order when the other party is not upholding its terms
  • Obtain a modification of an order when new circumstances justify the change

We can handle enforcement and modification of all family court orders, including child custody, child support and spousal support.

Rely on our personable attorneys to handle your family law needs

The Law Office of Robert G. Venturo handles all family law matters, including adoptions. For help with your most personal concerns, contact our office online or call 631-234-0800 for a free consultation.

Client Testimonials

  • “I and all the Suffolk County District Court Judges know firsthand how important your services are to the legal community. Suffolk County Bar Association President, George Roach, Esq., said it best last night when he said '... everyone needs a lawyer.' All the judges thank you for donating your time and your talent to ensure that justice is done for all the citizens of our community. ”

    Hon. Joan M. Genchi

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  • “Robert G. Venturo is being recognized for his work in the Suffolk County Family Court as a court appointed law guardian representing neglected and abused children, and children charged with being persons in need of supervision or juvenile delinquents...”

    — Suffolk County Bar Pro Bono Foundation

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  • “As Managing Director of the Suffolk County Bar Pro Bono Foundation, I would like to personally thank you for volunteering your time and effort taking reduced fee work in the Suffolk County Family Court, as a court appointed law guardian and for your significant service on the 18-B panel during the past year. ”

    — Robert F. Quinlan

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  • “I was delighted to see that you are one of the honorees at the Suffolk Bar's Annual Pro Bono reception... Congratulations to you. We are proud of your accomplishments and commitment.”

    — Howard A. Glickstein

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