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You should file a report with Child Protective Service (CPS) if your spouse, former spouse or any other domestic relation is harming your child. Let our lawyers help ensure that you retain your parental rights and that your child has the best possible home during and after Child Protective Service proceedings.

The CPS Family Court Process When Child Abuse Is Suspected

When Child Protective Service finds credible evidence of child abuse or mistreatment, the agency brings the case before a family court. The lawyers of The Law Office Of Robert G. Venturo represent you and your child in all CPS family court proceedings, which include:

  • Your initial court date. CPS will make an application to allow your child to remain in your custody, or ask the court to order the child into foster care or custody of a third party.
  • A 1027 or 1028 emergency hearing. If your child was removed from your home without a court order, you have the right to an emergency hearing under article 1027 or 1028 of the Family Court Act.
  • The fact-finding hearing. CPS attempts to prove the alleged abuse.
  • The dispositional hearing. If abuse was found at the fact-finding hearing, a dispositional hearing is held to determine what action will be taken.

We work closely with CPS to represent your interests and your child’s well-being during the family court process of a child neglect or abuse case.

Orders Of Protection For Your Child’s Safety

In most child abuse cases, a successful resolution involves an order of protection issued by the Supreme Court. Such an order may require your child’s abuser to:

  • Stay away from the child and any locations connected to your family
  • Visit the child only at times specifically dictated by the court
  • Refrain from any actions that create an unreasonable risk to the child

Violating an order of protection can be a criminal offense. We ask the court to provide orders that are clear and enforceable through the criminal justice system.

Let Us Help You Safeguard Your Child Through Child Protective Service

Nassau County has a CPS office in Uniondale and a Suffolk County office in Ronkonkoma. These locations are within 45 minutes and 10 minutes, respectively, of The Law Office Of Robert G. Venturo. Our dedicated lawyers represent you and your child in CPS proceedings and help you obtain the necessary order of protection to keep your family safe. Contact us online or call 631-735-3153 for a free consultation.