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When you’re going through a difficult family law matter, it can be hard to focus on understanding your rights and next steps when you’re also faced with the immense emotional burden that often comes with these types of cases. I know this struggle all too well, and I want to help you see through the chaos.

I am attorney Robert G. Venturo and I started The Law Office Of Robert G. Venturo with the specific purpose of guiding families through the family law courts in New York. My goal will always be to keep you in the know so you feel in control at every step of the process. This type of approach is why I have earned the trust and respect of so many clients over the past two decades.

Working With Families Through A Range Of Issues

Family laws in New York are particularly complicated, oftentimes requiring you to know the interplay of other areas of the law as well as case law and legal precedence. Add in the complexity of the family law court system, and it’s easy to see why so many feel overwhelmed when a family law matter arises.

When you work with me, this process won’t seem so daunting. I have more than 25 years of experience handling a wide range of family law matters, including:

I know that every family’s situation is different, which is why I don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to resolution. I will listen carefully to your story, personal objectives and goals for the future, and I will use that information to create a customized resolution that fits your needs and best interests.

A True Advocate For Children

Children are potentially the most vulnerable in family law matters because they typically lack the understanding of the situation and therefore are less likely to speak up or stand up for their rights. This is where I come into play.

For over 20 years, I worked as a law guardian – also known as guardian ad litem in some states – making sure the rights and interests of children are protected. This ingrained in me the need to listen carefully to the child or children to better understand their position to make sure favorable, amicable resolutions are sought. It also provides first-hand experience to assist clients who are seeking an attorney to serve as a law guardian.

In cases of domestic violence, child abuse or neglect, I am called in to ensure the child’s or children’s safety, seeking orders of protection or temporary care if necessary.

Get Advocacy You Can Rely On

No matter what your situation may be or how complex it may seem, I can help put things into perspective and guide you from start to finish. Put your trust in my skill, experience and passion by scheduling a free initial consultation where I will review your case and explain your options.

To reach my Patchogue office, call 631-735-3153. You may also send me an email, to which I will respond as quickly as possible.