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The Law Office of Robert G. Venturo places a special emphasis on helping parents and children through the difficulties of child custody proceedings. Robert G. Venturo has personally handled hundreds of custody cases in more than 15 years of practice on Long Island, representing parents as their attorney and children as their law guardian.

Your Child Custody Petition

We begin by filing your custody petition with the family court or an Order To Show Cause in the Supreme Court. Our lawyers make a strong and clear argument for why you are a better caretaker of your child. The overall consideration is always the child’s or children’s best interest. If you are seeking a modification of an existing order, we demonstrate the new circumstances that warrant a change or modification in custody. In either scenario, your initial petition is a critical first step. We construct a solid document that starts your custody efforts on a note of determination.

Your First Court Appearance And The Temporary Custody Order

You must be prepared for numerous court appearances throughout the custody proceedings. At the first appearance, the judge will have questions for our attorneys as well as the other parent’s attorneys. You may not be asked to speak at all, but a temporary custody order is often issued at this first appearance. We vigorously negotiate to achieve a temporary order for both custody and visitation that you and your child will be comfortable with in the short term.

Your Child’s Psychological Evaluation

By the time of your second court appearance, a family court judge may suggest that your child, and the parents, receive a psychological evaluation. We encourage you to agree to this request — because it shows the judge you are genuinely interested in your child’s emotional health. The results of the evaluation also help us frame our final arguments for your child’s best interests.

Your Custody Hearing

If neither parent offers to concede and the custody matter cannot be resolved, a custody hearing is necessary. Our attorneys have substantial trial experience in custody matters. Robert G. Venturo has personally tried hundreds of cases in the Supreme and Family Courts  This experience is vital because the trial is the ultimate determination of child custody. You need an experienced trial attorney to competently advocate for your position. A New York custody hearing is a trial and can last 10 days or more depending on the complexity of the case. Witnesses are called to testify about the child’s needs and your fitness for custody. You and the other parent will likely be called to testify, and sometimes even the child. A custody trial is emotionally demanding on everyone involved, and our lawyers make every effort to minimize the stress on your family.

Work With Respected Lawyers To Resolve Your Long Island Custody Case

The Law Office of Robert G. Venturo is passionately committed to creating the best possible situation for you and your children. For more information about how we can help you with a child custody proceeding, contact us online or call 631-735-3153 for a free consultation.