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Recognition For The Law Office Of Robert G. Venturo

Dear Bob,

I and all the Suffolk County District Court Judges know firsthand how important your services are to the legal community. Suffolk County Bar Association President, George Roach, Esq., said it best last night when he said ‘… everyone needs a lawyer.’ All the judges thank you for donating your time and your talent to ensure that justice is done for all the citizens of our community. It is selfless giving by professionals like yourselves that help make a positive influence in the lives of those in need. Congratulations again to you for this recognition of your efforts.

 Hon. Joan M. Genchi, President Suffolk County District Court Judges’ Association

Suffolk County Bar Pro Bono Foundation
8th Annual Reception Honoring Suffolk County Pro Bono Volunteers

Robert G. Venturo is being recognized for his work in the Suffolk County Family Court as a court-appointed law guardian representing neglected and abused children, and children charged with being persons in need of supervision or juvenile delinquents… Mr. Venturo believes that developing a good rapport and trust with his clients is crucial to rendering effective representation of juveniles… Mr. Venturo satisfied all of the legal criteria for recognition for law guardian work, which is knowledge of the law, sound legal judgment, excellent preparation of cases, vigorous advocacy, punctuality, courtesy to litigants, opposing counsel and the court.

– Suffolk County Bar Pro Bono Foundation, March 26, 2002

Dear Bob:

As Managing Director of the Suffolk County Bar Pro Bono Foundation, I would like to personally thank you for volunteering your time and effort taking reduced fee work in the Suffolk County Family Court, as a court-appointed law guardian and for your significant service on the 18-B panel during the past year. In recognition of your significant contributions, the Pro Bono Foundation will present you with a plaque of appreciation at the annual Pro Bono reception honoring Suffolk County attorneys who give so generously of their time in performing legal services to the needy…

– Robert F. Quinlan, Managing Director, Suffolk County Bar Pro Bono Foundation

Dear Robert:

I was delighted to see that you are one of the honorees at the Suffolk Bar’s Annual Pro Bono reception… Congratulations to you. We are proud of your accomplishments and commitment.

– Howard A. Glickstein, Dean, Touro College Law Center

Dear Rob,

I never had the chance to thank you. I’m very impressed with the way you handled my case in the courtroom. You never fumbled! I’ve had lawyers in the past that did! You were worth every cent. We don’t know yet what the verdict is, regardless, I’m very pleased. Someday when you are free, I would like to treat you to a nice lunch. Call me.

God Bless you and your family.

Your Pal,
Richard F.

Dear Mr. Venturo,

Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Bella’s “Happy Playground!” I also want to thank you for your kindness and help in this case. We want to wish you and your family and Happy Thanksgiving.

Best regards,
Lisa & Kara & Bella too!

With deep appreciation and gratitude for listening and caring…

– Dean S.

Dear Robert & Family,

May God Bless you all through your life and thank you for being so kind and saving my son’s life.

God Bless you.

– Debra

Dear Mr. Venturo,

Thank you for helping to bring our Father home. I heard that you were a very nice and helpful attorney! Thanks again!

Jessica & Kenneth R.

Dear Rob,

Thank you for all of your kind words and guidance. I received visitation court orders for my grandchildren. Hope you are enjoying the summer with your family.

– Rose

Dear Rob,

Just a note to say Thank You! You have far exceeded our expectations with this case. Not only was your representation excellent, but you were also able to put up with me! No easy feat, I know. When John and I adopted Nick, I knew that there would be times that we would need to lay our lives down for him, this has been one of those times. I also always knew that God would put people in our lives to help us, you have been one of those people.

Thank you for seeing and understanding Nick’s challenges and moving us in the right direction. What I have learned through this is that revenge should not be a motivating factor when it comes to our children. Everyone suffers and there are no winners. I know we are not finished yet, but I can breathe again.

Cathy H.

Dear Mr. Venturo,

I know you went above and beyond your job description and were instrumental in my being able to see my grandchildren. I know also it was done for our benefit since the last two months I have suffered being prohibited from seeing them, regardless of court permission.

My prayers were answered and it was wonderful to see Lily and Daniel…

… Once again I can’t thank you enough for all your selfless efforts.

Joan D.

Dear Robert Venturo,

Thank you for your part in helping Chanel and I come to a joint custody agreement. I have sacrificed a lot to be the best father I can possibly be for my daughter Makayla. The uncertainty of going through the legal system to determine the outcome of seeing her was stressful but I thank God for people like you who gave me a feeling of comfort that the best decision would be made in the best interest of my daughter Makayla. Despite what seemed to be an uphill battle at times the bond my daughter and I share remains extremely strong and grows stronger each day. Your part as her law guardian helped prove the legal quote:

“No bond is more precious and none should be more zealously protected by the law as the bond between parent and child.”

And for that, I thank you again,
William C.