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Long Island Attorney Protecting The Interests Of Children

The Law Office Of Robert G. Venturo has a commitment to protecting the rights and interests of children. In New York, the special role of law guardian allows children to have their own legal representation. Our founding attorney, Robert G. Venturo, served as a law guardian for 20 years. He was honored by Suffolk County Bar Association in 2002 as Law Guardian of the Year. More recently, law guardians are now referred to as “attorney’s for the children.” His experience is invaluable in helping clients seek out an attorney to serve as a law guardian.

Qualifications Of A Law Guardian

The law guardian program in New York is supervised by a judicial panel of at least eight people including a Supreme Court judge and a family court judge. A law guardian must:

  • Be a member in good standing of the Bar of the State of New York, and any other jurisdiction where admitted to the practice of law
  • Attend 12 hours of training conducted by the Law Guardian Program on an annual basis
  • Gain experience in law guardian representation by appearing as an attorney in family court proceedings

A family court judge approves the application, and the Appellate Division confirms the appointment. Robert G. Venturo was originally appointed as a law guardian in 1998 and was regularly assigned to child custody cases by the Supreme Court of New York and the family court of New York. He has successfully given hundreds of New York children a legal voice.

Representing Children In Contested Custody Cases

When a child custody matter is brought before the court, a law guardian may be assigned to represent the child involved. The custody issue may be:

  • Part of a divorce action
  • A dispute between unmarried parents
  • A motion for modification of a previous custody order

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Protecting Children From Domestic Abuse

A New York family court must appoint a Law Guardian when a child has been allegedly abused or neglected. This appointment usually occurs when an agent of Child Protective Services is notified of possible child mistreatment and files a neglect or abuse petition in the family court.

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Know That Your Child Will Be Properly Represented

The presiding judge or justice of the case will always appoint the law guardian. The Law Office Of Robert G. Venturo can help you understand more about the role of a law guardian in New York custody matters. Contact our office online or call 631-735-3153 now to schedule a free consultation.